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The Temporal Invasion

Do you want to feel like REAL Mystery Solver and Explorer? · By Hybriona Labs


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Version 3011
Case 10: Added new Puzzles & made it bit more easy Case 2.8 Reverted back to old answer to avoid confusion across new players. Case 9.10 Email Doc ID unlocked...
3 files — 3011
Version 3002 - Updates & Fixes
Thanks community for all feedback and suggestions. Upgraded Backend Server Case 2,3,6 & 7 : Text & Clue updates Fix a bug where 8.0 Puzzle used to appear before...
3 files — 3002
Build 2028 - Windows, OSX & Linux
Build 2028 uploaded for all purported platforms Windows, OSX & Linux...
3 files — 2208
Devlog #5 - (Part-II ) - Release
Currently only available for Windows platform. Part-II Features & Notes In Part-II, Each Case needs the final answer to be unlocked. 10 Checkpoints serve as...
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Devlog #4 - (Part-II - 95%)
Part - II Release Date update! Feb 27th 2018 9:00 PST The development is in the last stage. With the things given below running parallel, Part II will be compl...
Devlog #3 - (Part-II - 75%)
Sunday Update! The final case of the game has been finalized. All of your skills would be needed solve this case. Also, you are gonna face the real antagonist...
Devlog #2 - (Part-II - 68%)
Saturday update! Game story scripts on the way towards completion. Few R&Ds and trial-error to make the videos and video puzzles as realistic as possible. From...
Devlog #1 - (Part-II - 65%)
Saturday Update! The game design of Case 9 has been completed. Lots of brainstorming, and eventually some new and interesting puzzle ideas came out. A special k...