Devlog #5 - (Part-II ) - Release

Currently only available for Windows platform.

Part-II Features & Notes

  1. In Part-II, Each Case  needs the final answer to be unlocked. 10 Checkpoints serve as 10 Evidence files. Few of them might be useless or misdirection. The player has to process all evidence files to find the final solution. Some evidence files may redirect to external puzzles too.
  2. A Launcher screen, that will help in making/selecting User profile for multiple game-saves.
  3. Puzzles in the form of 3D objects, live CCTV footage, Videos logs, Location tracking and more!
  4. Few puzzles may need real email interaction. The interaction can be either automated or with a real human, depending on the specific puzzle and progress.
  5. Improvement in the Story-line.
  6., and are fake domain names. If a different domain name occurs in the game then it's the real one. For example, a real email id. 
  7. In case you want to use disposable email ids then make sure you also take  a copy of the mail for future reference.
  8. Some commands in the Console app need internet access.
  9. Games like this are difficult to test so there could be many uncaught bugs. Feel free to report it via email or Steam community.
  10. Game save file directory is changed.
  11. Increased existing photos quality.
  12. Completely changed the way answers were validated. Now using tags.  


Window Build 2013 158 MB
Feb 28, 2018

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