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Do you want to feel like REAL Explorer and Mystery Solver?

EXPERIENCE this Story-Driven Mystery Game that blends Your Real Life with Science Fiction as it explores the Dark Limits of Conspiracy, Alternate History, The Supernatural and Fringe Science.

To solve the devilishly difficult mysteries of The Temporal Invasion, you must use every available resource to solve the challenges set before you. Though the game provides you with many in-game sandbox exploration tools, including a sandbox Computer loaded with the latest in Custom Investigative Software and a suite of potent Investigative Gadgets, you must also use every Real Life mystery-solving tool at your disposal: The Internet, The Library, Professors, Friends, and maybe even your Grandma and Grandpa!

PART - I has been revised with updates, edits, and corrections that drastically improve the gameplay experience.
PART - II is undergoing rigorous testing, improvements and text revisions.

We are constantly working hard to improve your experience.

Thank you for all the amazing feedback!


A young man has spent his life suffering from a mysterious memory problem wherein his recollections of the past are not consistent with reality. Throughout his existence, he has suffered the ridicule of his teachers and classmates because of his strange problem.
His path takes a turn when he is contacted by an enigmatic figure who maintains that the young man is, in fact, possessed of a secret and incredible destiny.

The figure, who calls himself Dr. Quantum, says that his memory problem is not a problem at all, but rather is an immunity... a special power pertaining to the very fabric of time itself. He enlists the young man to take part in a great adventure against a deadly adversary, and to use his powers and intellect to solve some of the most dangerous conspiracies, puzzles and mysteries in our history. Mysteries that will, when solved, unlock some of the most fundamental and fascinating Truths of the Universe itself!


The game is a streamlined, modern take on the Alternate Reality Game (ARG) genre. Each puzzle is presented as a titillating combination of text, images, sound, video, and 3D objects. The puzzles lead you on through the storyline, integrating and building upon the mysteries you've already uncovered, and revealing deeper and more complex enigmas that will amaze, thrill, and even scare you. Be warned: the solutions to the puzzles are not easy to discover, and may be hidden in history, obscured by cryptograms, embedded within steganographic images, concealed within riddles, shrouded in history, or guarded by any number of other dark concealments.
The game intends to connect you with reality, so you are encouraged to use any real-world resources available to you: Internet, Books, Library, Encyclopedias, ANYTHING! Well, except Spoilers, for obvious reasons :P

You are only limited by your imagination.

Think laterally, think outside the box, home in on information like a librarian with a neural net co-processor... do whatever you must to Move Forward and Solve the Mysteries!

Come, Take a Stand! Find the Truth. Reveal the Secrets of the Universe and Repel The Temporal Invasion!

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Mystery Puzzle Hunt : The Beginning Of Truth

Published Jan 21, 2016
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Jun 01, 2016
AuthorHybriona Labs
Tags3D, Alternate History, Crime, Detective, Mystery, riddles, Sci-fi, Story Rich, suspense, text-based
Average sessionDays or more
LinksSteam, Homepage, Steam Greenlight, Support, Twitter, Indiegogo


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Could you please give an update on part 2? Can't wait

Come on dev, tell us what are you doing. Are we getting part 2 or did we pay for half a game?

Please, give a progress report on Part 2. I can't wait to finish the game.

Any news on Part 2?

It's being redesigned. Part 2 would be quite different than Part 1.


There are a couple of bugs with the UI and you should consider forcing vsync or otherwise limit the framerate. I get 1000 fps and my TV is making weird noises because of the high refresh rate ^^

(Edited 2 times)

Thanks for the feedback.

Both bugs are now Resolved!

Edit: As per your confirmation the "high frame rate" is still not resolved!

Edit: "High frame rate" issue is resolved!