Devlog #0 - Updates till Now - (Part-II - 60%)

Feature Additions

- Game Save Profile (90%): 5 Save Game profiles to start a new game without deleting previous save files manually. But the game needs to be restarted to switch Save-profile.

- Game Story as Vlogs (20%): Text Cutscenes will be replaced by Video Cutscenes. Completed till Case 2.

- Improvements in Check Answer Logic (100%): The Answer checking logic has been improved to identify tags and now no longer depends on the order of the words.

- Steam Cloud Support (100%): Sync Save files across all your devices (only applicable if downloaded from Steam).

Gameplay Changes for Part-II (After 3 Iterations)

- Each Case now needs the final answer to be unlocked. 10 Checkpoints serve as 10 Evidence files. Few of them might be useless or misdirection. The player has to process all evidence files to find the final solution. Some evidence files may redirect to external puzzles too. 

- Puzzle Design (60%): 3 Cases out of 5 are finalized.

- Object and mechanical puzzles. 

- (100%) Few puzzles may need real email interaction. The interaction can be either automated or with a real human, depending on the specific puzzle and progress.

Fixes & Changes

- Video quality improvement.

- Video puzzle playback improvement. Now It plays full screen for better visibility.

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