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Loved the game! I did a video on it and left my full review with some tips for improvement :)

Thank you :)

hi, big thx for the game. greetings from rosti

Thank you :)

First Game... I like it..

Thank you :)

I enjoyed this a lot! It was short, but fun :)

Thank you :)

that my first horror and it is short but cool

Thank you :)

This game was so cool!

Thank you :)

it was fun playing it i was scared at first really funny sub to the cahnnel enjoy tezok

Thank you :)

You got a real scare out of me lol!

The sound was great, the monster sound was great, and the mechanics are great.

This game has potential. Definitely recommend.

Thank you :)

I love the concept of this and the actual gameplay mechanics worked really well but goddamn that creature was way too cute to be afraid of! Especially the adorable gurgling noise, I fully wanted to give it a hug!!

(This is the fourth game on the video)

Thank you :)

The enemy noise I love. 

Thank you :)

interesting game 4:32 Video start

Thank you :)

I know it's not supposed to be a funny game, but i had some good laughs toward the end because of the noise the enemy makes. Short game but i definitely had fun haha

interesting game. i hope to see more from you in the future. 

btw if you are interested, here is my video:

Thank you :)

Why this game can play in android, i really want to play it. Hope you read this soon.

Cool little game, not much gameplay, but quite the scare at the beginning. I enjoyed it. :)



Nice job! I liked the monster style and sound design, it's increase immerse. But unfortunately idea with flashlight isn't working correctly.  At first I thought I should light my flashlighter in monster direction, but  realized the system don't care what direction my light is going, I can just double LMB click in random direction and monster disappear. Additional to this fact I can see all the level and monster without flashlighter. It's killing idea of battery ressourse. Maybe you should try to use more time of directional lighting on the monster to kill it (Like it was in Alan Wake). And decrease visibility area arround player when flashlighter is off. And maybe spawn the monster in random point, cuz I always known where is him)

Though good work. Thanks!

Thank you for the feedback!

Very nice game, I really liked, like a fresh twist on slenderman-like games. Keep it up!

Thank you!